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Christians for Christ
Ministerial Training Institute of L. A.

Wednesday night Prayer Meeting- 6:30 p.m

Wednesday night Evangelism meeting at 7:30 pm 

 Dr. Jean Noble

Practicum in Preaching 

Dr. Alfredo Noble

Tuesday Nights  7:00p.m.

Come and prepare yourself in the Art of  Public Speaking and Preaching

The Course:

Homiletics,  Hermeneutics and Opologetics

Class room participation in sermon preparing and preaching.

Spiritual Warfare Class

Every tuesday night at 7:30p.m.     Come and prepare for Spiritual battles. Bring everyone you know that is fighting and attempting to stand for the Lord, but are having a difficult time.

Taught by Dr. Jean Noble


Dr. Allen Smith

If you are having a hard time reading and retaining what you read or if you find it difficult to sit and read a book in two or three days then you need to leard how to read faster and understand what you are reading.   A class in now formulating,  call us at (323) 235-2322  or email us you name and a way to contact you and we will send you the schedule.