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Captain Faith

 Captain Faith Volume One, episode one  Comic -    

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Bible Man

Bible Man is especially written to our youths, it will stimulate their thinking and amplify their motivation as well as challenge their reasoning.  What can you loose?

While on the other hand, our "Captain Faith" or "Faith Warrior"  will be a great evangelistic aid for those working in the vineyard.

Captain Faith Comics

 Captain Faith

Captain Faith Vol One Video 

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The Crucifixion
Song "He will never leave you"

God promised never to leave us, nor forsake us,  He promise to be there all the know you can trust him, why not try Him,  He'll dry the tears from your eyes..

Song, "Gave it to Jesus"

This clip is from the song, "Gave it to Jesus" taken from the album "Especially for you from my heart",  by  Alfredo D. Noble

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Dr. Alfredo D. Noble Sermon "IF"
Video "All Hail to Jesus"
Dr. Noble "Challenge for the Church"
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Faith Warrior & Captain Faith

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