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CFCIC Nursery School
Children in Africa - Nursery


On May 22, 2005  the Christians for christ International Ministries   (I established a Nursery School (free of charge) in Lagos Nigeria for the children in the underprivileged neighborhood.  this project is a love gift of Apostle Dr. Alfredo D. Noble,Ph.D, Pastor of the Christians for Christ international Ministries, Los Angeles, California (USA).   Our goal is to have enrolled 225 by the end of the school year of 2008. This mission can be accomplished with your prayers and love donation to this ministry. We make two annual visit to the school location and have an active CEO (Prophet Paul Abayomi Adebayo) that is ministering the school with 11 well qualified teachers of full time duty. We are soliciting your help in order to obtain additional space so that we can accomodate those children that are waiting outside.  You can send your donations to  CFCC  Post Office Box 75535, Los Angeles, California 90075.  We are accepting one time donations as well as monthly donations.  It will cost $1000 to $1500 each month to properly teach, train, feed, clothed and pay the teacher's salary.  We thank you in advance for your gift of love.  

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