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                         Bible Study

Welcome to the "Brain Builders' Club"  a bible study for those who find it hard to get out to study and for those who want additional biblical information to further prepare them for ministry.

Why Study?

Well simply because the bible tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15  -  " Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" We are to "study", not just read, but to take time to exegese the text, (the analysis and explanation of a text, usually with reference to detailed, scientific "critical" interpretation). in order to get the true meaning of what the scripture of passage is saying.

Let's begin by just taking a deeper look into the chosen scripture itself.  We are to study and do it in such a manner that we are granted God's approval.  It is when this method is accomplished that we can work for God and not be ashame of the information that we will be giving to those who would hear. Not only that, we will not bring shame to ourselves or God.

Assignment No.3   read 1 Corinthians 1:10-13

Pay attention to details in this story.... then read the entire 1st Chapter then look over the assignment again.   When completed... Pray again before attempting to answer the questions....  remember, these questions are realated to the scripture, but it parallel your lives..... Pray.

After reading the selected scriptures..... answer the following:


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1. Who is speaking?

3. To whom?

4. What was the occassion?

6. What did Paul mean by, "speak the same thing?

7. Who issued the complaint to Paul?

8.  How is verse 11 simular to today's church ( is there comparison)?

9. Annylize verse 13 and give your summary?"

10. What theme would you give this portion of scripture?

11. Based on this letter written to the Corinthian church, what was paul attitude)?

Create a blank page in word, copy your answer and paste it, save the file and attach it to your email. then Send your response to Apostlenoble2002@yahoo.com  or submit to the address below. God bless your study and keep you strong in Him. you will receive a responce within days....  I am on the air ways (surfing) daily from 6:00 am USA time for at least an hour.  Love in the Name of God's only Son,  Jesus Christ. 

ps.... as soon as you can,  send a photo or attach it to the email.  Want a visual of who we are praying for.  Our files are confidential (school policy), we do not share info without your permission.

Mailing address: Christians for Christ, Dr. Noble, PO Box 75535, Los Angeles, Ca 90075

Also Available: Special Studies for Preachers, Ministers, Deacons, Evangelists and Missionaries.

Ps.....Club T-shirt and Swet-shirts are available.... ask when submitting your answers.

You can enroll in the "Ministerial Training Institute" for college credits